What Is A Lead Magnet and How Can I Explode My List With Them?

Lead magnets are high quality and extremely useful offers, that you give to visitors in exchange for their email. The free offer has to be extremely useful, high quality and meet an immediate need that your prospect has.

A “quid pro quo” of sorts…something for something.

Lead Magnets need to be ultra-specific and relevant to your site or page visitor or they are useless. They are super easy to create, especially if you choose a specific segment in your market and you are positive you have information that is useful and helpful to them.

Your inbox can look like this before lunchtime everyday, if you use this ethical (lead magnet) bribe correctly.

Real Estate Agent Lead Magnet Inbox

Do not try and be all things to all people!

That’s the single biggest mistake that Agents make when creating a lead magnet. First, decide which type of client you most want to work with:

First time home buyers, home buyers looking to live in a specific zip code, home owners moving up, home owners looking for a second home in a specific vacation area in your state, home owners moving in town as part of a job transfer, home owners that recently marked their Facebook status to “divorced” and in need of a new home.

Key point – Be specific.

There are so many specific problems that each target prospect has and you’re going to become their go to Agent, because you’re delivering high quality, zero B.S. content.

You should also make sure you have a copy of our “Facebook Open House Blueprint”, because the exact tactics that you will use to drive traffic to your Open House, are the exact same tactics that you will use to drive traffic to your lead magnet. Click here if you don’t already have a copy of it.

We are constantly improving, creating and testing new lead magnets in markets around the country.  We are constantly striving to help agents generate their own online leads, instead of being held hostage by lead sellers.  It’s never been easier to create a $5.00 per day Facebook ad campaign, that you can drive highly targeted prospects to lead magnets with.

Is it time to learn how to fish instead of paying for fish? Click here to learn the secret to generating your own online leads.

What Is A Lead Magnet and How Can I Explode My List With Them?
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