Using Facebook To Laser Target Your Prospects

Facebook ad platform has the most amazing capabilities when it comes to laser targeting your prospects. You can target folks who just had their credit pulled for a home purchase and are located in a specific subdivision or area code…for less than $5.00 per day.

Wow is right!

Facebook offers free tools for Agent’s looking to generate their own online leads and build their email subscriber lists. This post will give you the 60,000 foot view of just some of the features, advantages and benefits of using Facebook to grow your real estate business.

When setting up a new ad campaign under the audience section, you will start by entering the geographic location of your target prospect. You can hone in on zip code or target a 10 mile radius of prospective renters that will eventually become buyers. You can also target income range, age and so many other attributes to ensure that you are not just throwing your digital ad dollars out the window.


It’s true, with the click of a mouse you can focus in on important demographics such as age, gender, interest, education, income level, whether they are renting, owning and many other details that help you target your ad towards the exact prospect you’re looking to work with.

We wrote about the strategy of using lead magnets and landing pages to attract your ideal prospect to your email list.

We gave specific examples of what types of lead magnet titles that can be used to encourage your prospect to give you their email address in exchange for relevant information.

When you get to the section in your Facebook advertising campaign set up area that says “more demographics” you can specifically select Home Ownership as a type and then drill down into who the renters actually are.

There are so many other features that allow Agent’s to preserve their ad dollars by laser targeting the exact type of prospect you want to work with.

Get to know Facebook advertising without paying for a course by using our step by step guide that tells you exactly what to do in order to promote a just listed or just sold property using Facebook by clicking here.

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Using Facebook To Laser Target Your Prospects
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