Real Estate Agent Fear and How to Crush It Like the Cockroach That It Is

That’s exactly what fear stands for – False Evidence Appearing Real.
Real estate agent fear is real, in the sense that it happens to every single agent at different stages of their career.  It happens when you decide to become an agent, have to pass your state exam, meet your first client or decide to start your own brokerage.

But most fear is what I call false fear. And those thoughts won’t stop entering your mind unless you learn how to crush them like the cockroaches that they are.

Fearing for your life when an attacker is coming at you with a gun is real fear.

Fear of asking for your first listing contract is a false fear inserted into your mind from the evil one.

One fear is a real human instinct, gifted to us in order to preserve our life.

The second fear is psychological fear used by our enemy; it’s his number one tool to keep you right where you’re at.  Used to keep you from achieving what you were inspired to achieve, what your Creator inspired you to achieve.  If you don’t believe in God, then you can call this good energy or bad energy or whatever you call the unseen.

The truth about fear, whether you want to believe it or not is this:

The only real fear is instinctual fear, which was infused into your being to help save your life or escape from a very bad situation.

This instinctual fear is real and good.

But this post is about psychological fear, and the acronym for that is False Evidence Appearing Real. The psychological fear..

Psychological fear is false evidence that’s entered your mind as a thought. And you can quickly crush that thought like the cockroach that it is. You have the full right, power and authority to do so.

Psychological fear can harm you if you focus on it.  Stop inviting fear into your life now.

A good exercise to help accomplish this, is to start by writing down each fear in a notebook and put a date next to it. You’re only allowed to write these down once a week and you’re only allowed to update the notebook once a week. What you’ll find out in less than 30 days, is that your false fears never or rarely came true. If they came true, it’s because you focused on them and manifested them into reality.  That’s the power of free will…you can manifest anything into reality.

Quit inviting defeat, sickness and bad breaks into your life.

You cannot stop what thoughts come into your mind but you can stop what thoughts you choose to ruminate on.


You must pay attention to what thoughts you are agreeing with and be ultra-careful who you ask for advice or opinions from.  Before you ask for advice, you need to ask yourself these questions:

Is the person I’m thinking of asking advice from winning or losing in the game of life?


Have they accomplished what I want to accomplish, are they qualified, are they going to give me encouraging and positive guidance?

If they aren’t winning or have not accomplished what you want to accomplish, then save your breath, they will end up co-manifesting your false fears into your reality.

You must be able to combat all of these unfounded fears.  You need to decide whether or not you want to activate faith or fear.

“Your Mind is The Bulls-eye of The Enemy’s Target”

You must commit, for the rest of your life to guard your mind: and be intense about that commitment.  Here’s the one sentence I use to defeat the enemy’s thought the second it enters my mind.

“Do your best and God will do the rest”

You have to understand how precious and powerful your mind is and then commit to destroying false thoughts the moment they enter.  If you’re going to live in victory, you have to be disciplined in your thought life.

There is no other way to free your mind..quick story…

I went to an awesome therapist at an early stage of my adulthood, when my faith muscles were still weak. She would always ask me a question after I shared I was ruminating on.

“Blaise, what’s the worst thing that can happen if this unfounded fear comes true?”

My answer was always something like:

I won’t be able to start my business

I’ll have to work for someone else’s dreams

I won’t be able to purchase the home in the area I want to live in.

I won’t attract the right love into my life..

I’ll have to do this..

I won’t be able to do that..

This dream won’t come to pass..

Nothing bad was actually happening to me; my thoughts were nothing more than confusing potential outcomes that I was giving power to. That’s how the enemy made me weak back then.  Just like kryptonite around Superman’s neck.

I want to close out this post with a great story I heard from a pastor I like to listen to on YouTube.

There was a big strong man, who worked for a large produce company out in their shipping yard.  He was one of the company’s most reliable employees, but he was also a chronic worrier.  Always fearing the worst and talking about what might happen.

One summer day, the crew was told they could leave early to attend the foreman’s birthday celebration, but he didn’t hear the announcement. He was out working in one of the refrigerated box cars, where nobody could see him and somehow he was accidentally locked inside.

He didn’t have a cell phone and everyone else was gone to the birthday party.

Once he realized he was locked inside, he began to panic and scream at the top of his lungs. He beat on those doors until his fists were bloody.  Eventually he ran out of energy and his voice gave out.  He was very aware that he was in a refrigerated box car and he guessed that it was well below freezing and began to fear the worst.

He thought, if someone doesn’t save me, I’ll be locked in here all night, I could freeze to death.  The more he thought about it the colder he got.  Shivering uncontrollably he found a piece of cardboard that he was able to scribble a note on and he did, “so cold, body getting numb, these may be my last words…”

The next morning, the crew came in and found him in the box car, curled up in a ball.  Here’s the amazing thing about this story…

The autopsy report revealed indeed he had frozen to death but the refrigeration unit wasn’t even on, the temperature was 61 degrees. Nick froze to death because he was convinced in his mind that he was in a freezing box car.  The thing he feared most came upon him.

Fear makes challenges much bigger than they are.

You need to ask yourself this question the next time false thoughts enter your mind: Are you freezing to death, even though its 61 degrees outside?

If you want to accomplish something great today, that’s sure to crush false fears, take me up on this challenge.

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Do your best, God will do the rest!

Real Estate Agent Fear and How to Crush It Like the Cockroach That It Is
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