Mobile Friendly Websites Are Now Mandatory With Google

Real estate agents that understand the lead generation power of a blog, need to make sure it’s mobile friendly. It takes less than 10 seconds to find out if it is. Imagine one of your site visitors looking at your blog post while at their office computer and then wanting to read the rest of the post on their phone from the car, only to find out it’s not possible. You can flush that lead down the toilet.

Here is how to test your site.

At the bottom of this post we have a link to test your website for free.  Be smart, don’t make the number one mistake Real Estate agents make when having their website and blog created.

The number one mistake Agents or their web developers make is this, they forget about their mobile customer.

Fact: Most people read their favorite content from their mobile phone or tablet.

You do not want to get caught in the novice website developers trap, which is having them build you a “mobile formatted” site that looks good on a phone, but is void of all useful functionality.

You must confirm with your web developer that the site is considered “mobile friendly” or “responsive” so that your readers and users consider it truly useful.  Nothing prevents a prospect from joining your email newsletter more, than being frustrated with a website that’s not mobile friendly.

Test your site!

All you have to do is click here and then enter a web page URL.

Keep winning!

Mobile Friendly Websites Are Now Mandatory With Google
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