I Want More Home Listings

This Might Really Shock Your Socks Off…
You Do Not Have A Lack Of Listings Problem!

No Agent does.

The problem you have is a lack of cost effective lead generation or “list building” strategies that

You cannot keep paying companies like Zillow, Realtor.com or any other online lead provider…they are a big fat vacuum sucking machine connected to your bank account.  You cannot fix your problem until you truly understand the key part of the solution.  You need to learn how to fish instead of paying for fish…

Key: You need to know what each person’s name and email is really worth to you as an Agent.  You have to absolutely know that number and then write it on your office wall.  List building is a process that 99% of Agent’s execute on poorly.

Each listing or purchase client is worth a four or five figure commission.  The median average home price is roughly $185,000.

That means that each lead that you add to your “LIST” is worth approximately $5,550.00!

You need to care for your leads, nurture them, incubate them, so that when the time is right, they only think of one person to help them with their needs – YOU!

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