I Want A Technology Coach

Frustrated with Technology and Each New
“Shiny Object” That You’re Told to Purchase?

As professional digital marketers we have been forced to purchase hundreds of software programs and website plug ins, write millions of lines of code and connect databases of all kinds.

It amazed us how many “must have” tools that are heavily marketed to Agent’s on a daily basis. These are marketed as the “cure all” for your Social Media, Email Marketing, CRM, Article Writing, Website marketing, Blog Writing challenges…the list of shiny objects pushed on Agent’s is never ending.

“For less than a cup a coffee per day you can implement certain technologies that will instantly set you apart from 90% of the Agent’s in your marketplace and deliver a tangible competitive advantage”

As an Agent, all that matters is building your list of prospects.  


When the day comes (for 90% of Agent’s it will positively happen) that you realize your managing broker is just sucking a monthly desk fee, legal fee, technology fee, marketing fee and maybe a franchise fee from you, while delivering nothing of real value to help you compete in this digital marketing age, you can take your most valuable asset (your list) with you.  

You don’t need any new shiny technology objects.  The maximum amount of monthly technology spend 90% of Agent’s should be investing in, is less than $50.00 per month.

Invest in smart technologies that help you automate the way you build your list, communicate with your list, attract new leads, and write articles and emails.  When you don’t have time to do the basics, you can learn how to communicate with and hire the smartest contractors from your local community college or from around the world for dimes instead of dollars.

Introducing: US Agent Coach’s Technology Tools for Agent’s Articles

Save money, leverage your time and grow your list with tech tools that actually work: