How To Create A Simple Facebook Open House Ad Campaign – “Blueprint” Included

Agent’s using Facebook to promote Open House events are spending dimes instead of dollars to generate more traffic for their clients and more leads for themselves. There’s a link to our Facebook Open House Blueprint .pdf at the end of this post for you to download.

In case you didn’t hear about it, Facebook had its first day user count top 1 BILLION!

Facebook-one Billion

There’s no better place to find low cost, highly targeted traffic (leads) for your next Open House and for your most important asset – your list.

You need to engage buyers where they are – 99% of them are online and almost every one of your prospective buyers will check in on Facebook today.

The debate is over; you’re definitely doing your client a disservice by not promoting their open house with Facebook. Agents using digital marketing strategies and tactics, spend less money and get 5-10X the desired results when compared to Agents using outdated promotion strategies.

Open House ad

By using simple, cost effective digital marketing strategies, you end up attracting the exact type of buyer that’s looking for your client’s type of property. You can quickly lose your client to the competition if you’re not using Facebook to promote your listings.

You also harm yourself as an Agent by missing out on the opportunity to add new prospects to your list.

Do you know why there’s a horrific past client return to original Agent rate of just 22%?
Only two out of ten homeowners use the same Agent on their next real estate transaction, which means you have an enormous opportunity to differentiate yourself and gain market share.

When home owners were asked why they didn’t use their original agent, their answer was simple: “They didn’t do anything but post a sign in my yard and put it on the MLS”.

Did you know that Facebook allows you to laser target ads like the one below, to users that just had their credit pulled for a home purchase?  Did you know that you can set this type of ad campaign up on Facebook for $5.00 per day?

Facebook also allows Agents to target users that make a certain income, live in a specific geographic area and so much more! Facebook advertising is easier to use than setting up a postcard or newspaper ad campaign, costs about 80% less and allows you to track and share your results with your client!

It’s a complete waste of money to send postcards or purchase newspaper ad space in comparison to a $50.00 Facebook Open House Ad campaign.

Can you track how many neighbors actually see a postcard or newspaper
ad? NO

With Facebook audience/post reach can you track everything and print the results to share with your client? YES

How are you going to show your client that you’re different from every other agent vying for the listing?  That’s another great reason to master digital marketing or let our team do it for you.  You can actually show your clients the exact amount of prospective homeowners who viewed their property via social media analytics.

Showing is always better than telling…as the old saying goes, “numbers don’t lie but people do”.

Facebook will help you differentiate yourself from the competition, enable you to add new leads to your list with lead magnets and generate dozens of prospective buyers for your clients’ home.

Proven, quantifiable results for 75-90% less than a postcard or newspaper ad campaign = Winning!

Open House - USAC

We created a blue print that shows you the action steps necessary to take make this happen for your client in less than 30 minutes. You can access it by clicking here.

How To Create A Simple Facebook Open House Ad Campaign – “Blueprint” Included
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