How Real Estate Agents Use Iwriter to Create Blog Posts and Article Content

To have a successful real estate agent centered digital marketing campaign, there are a few must haves and here they are.  You must create fresh relevant content that’s laser targeted to your desired prospect.  This goes for all of the content delivered via your email lists, to your Facebook business page readers, and local community referral partners etc.

A lot of Agents have a second job and family and community commitments in addition to their Agent duties and obligations.  Sound familiar?

So, how do you find time to create and deliver fresh relevant content that your email newsletter or blog post readers actually want to read?

The answer is PLR which stands for “Private Label Rights”.

It refers to blog posts or articles which are created and sold with permission to be customized and reproduced on Facebook, your Blog and other relevant content pieces that your list of readers want
and are dying to get their hands on.

Without relevant content you cannot gain any significant blog traffic or benefit from search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo, which mandate and reward (send free traffic) websites owners for delivering up to date, relevant information that your prospects want to consume.

Iwriter is an awesome tool designed for Agents.  You tell Iwriter the topic of your E-book, Blog Post or Email Newsletter and it gets delivered into your inbox.  Iwriter is great, but you have to be careful and selective when choosing a writer.

If you don’t, your editing time to further personalize your content can go from 5 minutes to having to decline the work and hire it out again. That’s the big advantage to Iwriter; you get to read the entire content piece before you agree to pay for it.

Even though their website says you can get content written for $1.25 an article, we have never received an article worth buying for less than $7.00 and the best content we’ve received cost $12-15.

$12-15 dollars for quality content that costs less than lunch is worth it!

The main tactic when using Iwriter is to find two to three writers that you like and then invite them to work on all of your future posts.  How do you accomplish that? It’s easy..

Pick a couple articles or lead magnets that you want created that are relevant to your marketplace.  Think first time home buyers or home owners that are relocating, moving up, moving down or getting divorced and then post a couple Iwriter requests.

Pay for the best work and then save those writers in your “Favorite Writers” section.

Here’s a picture of my favorites!


We have shared a quick (11 minute) video created by Iwriter that will show you exactly how to post your first writing request here.

Do you have a favorite content creation website that you like?  Please tell us about it on our next webinar.
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How Real Estate Agents Use Iwriter to Create Blog Posts and Article Content
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