Real Estate Professionals Use Facebook Ads to Promote Just Listed Or Just Sold Properties

1.44 Billion monthly Facebook users, means that half of the internet population is using Facebook monthly.

Do you need any more proof that you MUST leverage Facebook to explode your real estate business and generate a predictable lead machine, instead of paying for leads?

We created a “Facebook for Just Listed, Just Sold Properties Blueprint” for you at the end of this blog post. It’s available to download as a pdf. and you can also grab it here now.

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Many types of businesses use Facebook as an essential aspect of marketing, including real estate agents. Rather than approaching social platforms with a strategy that hopes to win, it’s more effective to use an organized, proven approach for achieving optimal success.

Cutting edge brokers and real estate agents that refuse to “die on the vine” with the outdated franchise model, need to understand these basics:

It’s time for you or your marketing department to capitalize on the highly targeted, quality Facebook traffic, by building a strong presence with your Facebook account.

“In marketing, nothing else matters but driving traffic and converting it into a lead”

Your content should be unique, intriguing, solve a problem and should be produced on a regular basis. It’s a must if you want to provide quality engagement with your prospects and attract natural internet search traffic.

For real estate listings, advertising with Facebook exposes your clients’ property to thousands or millions of highly targeted users with the added benefit of bringing great leads to you and your clients’ property.  Usually you can do this for less than $50.00 per listing.

When it comes to using Facebook ads for listing properties, the task may be quite daunting and confusing, from setting ads up, budgeting a perfect amount to reach your audience and adding pixels for re-targeting purposes just to name a few. I’ll show you how to properly create a flawless Facebook ad for your real estate listings based on your advertising goals.

Preparation before Advertising:

You should have our “Facebook Just Listed, Just Sold Blueprint” in hand before you review the next section.

Click here to access the blueprint.

Before you create ads, set up your Facebook business account, understand your ad placement options and expound on your consumer demographic targeting. If you need help, just ask!

Action Steps:

  • Facebook business page.
  • An attractive call-to-action (CTA) on your Facebook page. You must offer a “lead magnet”. A valuable item to freely give away, provided that your target audience gives you their email address in return.
  • A full comprehension of your targeted audience.

Common terms you should know when always setting up a campaign include:

  • Campaign: refers to where you will determine the main goal of your ad and information associated with it, including URL, other accounts or addresses.
  • Ad Set: used to establish the targeted audience that you’ve already budgeted for, including the time span for running your Facebook ads for real estate agents or listing properties.
  • Ad: This is where you’ll enter the creative aspects of your ad, such as title, headline, copy, and images.

Now that you have properly prepared for your first campaign, it’s time to prepare your real estate ads.


Building a formidable brand presence, means having complete mastery of Facebook and you don’t a degree in rocket science to figure it ou. Log in to your USAC membership section to work with our digital marketing team now and get all of your questions answered.

Real Estate Professionals Use Facebook Ads to Promote Just Listed Or Just Sold Properties
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