How Aweber Can Help You Build an Email Marketing Machine

Agent email marketing is the most important digital marketing skill set that a Agent can possess. If you don’t know how to automate the process of communicating with your list or how to segment your email lists, then you’re wasting valuable time.  What’s worse is that you are letting prospects end up on you competitions list. Aweber for Agents costs less than $20.00 per month and is very easy to use.

There’s a more effective and efficient way to grow or start to build your most valuable asset – your list. And that’s by creating lead magnets to attract hundreds of people to your list each and every week.  So how do I do this you ask?

The top two questions we receive in regards to list building and management are:

How does Aweber help me manage and communicate with my “list”?


What basic strategies do I need to implement with Aweber?

Aweber allows you to build as many lists by segment and that’s key. For example, if you’re looking to work with first time home buyers, they need to receive content that’s relevant to them.  You need a list that’s segmented to deliver your first time home buyer lead magnet.

Or if you’re running a Facebook ad campaign targeted specifically to buyers who are looking for homes in a particular zip code, subdivision or lake front property area, they need to receive content relevant to them.  Same thing goes for those moving up, down sizing, dealing with divorce or buying a vacation property.

If your target prospect receives “general” information, it will instantly be deemed as “not relevant” or “junk” and will instantly become background noise and will most likely “unsubscribe” from your list. Your leads are gold and you need to treat them like that.  Does it amaze you to know that 75-95% of real estate agents DO NOT stay in regular contact with their past clients and prospects?

The best thing about Aweber is that you can write the first couple emails to each targeted segment and then set it on autopilot. Yes, without having to do anything else, each and every email is sent out for you!

This video training from Aweber is free and will give you a great overview of how easy it is to:

  1. Set up your list
  2. Customize a confirmation email
  3. Create a welcome email

Getting Started from AWeber Communications on Vimeo.

Did this blog post help you?  We want to deliver content that adds value to your business.

Tell us what other forms of help you need in regards to managing or developing an email list of hot prospects by joining us on our next webinar. Click here to register.

How Aweber Can Help You Build an Email Marketing Machine
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