Top Real Estate Agents List Of Blog Post Ideas

Digital Marketing Real Estate Agent’s understand the value of a blog and how important it is to deliver high quality, relevant information to their readers. It’s critical to make sure you only post highly sought after information that your targeted prospect is looking for. That leads to the number one question we receive which is – Can you give me some blog post ideas to get me started?

The most important thing you can do as an Agent when starting any blog post, is to put yourself in the shoes of your targeted prospect. What problems do they have and how can you deliver the solution to them?

The number one way to deliver your solution and generate your own online leads is via lead magnets.

After you do that you have to be absolutely honest when you ask yourself this question:

“What will my targeted audience truly find valuable? What will help my prospect avoid mistakes, how can I educate them in regards to challenges they may not see coming.”

There are several ways to deliver your helpful information and here are just a few.

If you are not sure what type of prospect to focus on then you should read our post about Lead Magnets here.

Different types of posts to noodle on:


You want to make sure you give details about how to execute a process such as how to select a Agent. You can help them with the interviewing an Agent process and give them an Agent Interview Questionnaire.

Here is an example of the one our agents use.

Be Smart Photo

You could also provide a lead magnet of the exact process the reader should go through when selecting a builder (you can also ask a builder to co-pay for your Facebook ad campaign).

Case Study Post

In this type of post it’s important to think of a scenario that you helped a buyer or seller go through
and the process one should take to “avoid pitfalls” etc.

When you use the word case study in your post, it carries a lot of authority because the reader expects to learn something about a scenario that they may encounter.  Make sure it’s based off of an actual event or process that you or another Agent went through.

Readers can smell a fake a mile away..

Should Ask Questions Post

As an Agent, you know better than anyone else what types of questions prospective buyers or listing questions should be asking.  You are the local expert and you know what questions the mortgage banker, home builder, divorce attorney or title agent should be asked. Add value!

This is another great area for you to offer the “How To Interview An Agent Lead Magnet”.

Research Posts

There’s a ton of valuable information that consumers need, especially when they are looking to list or sell a property in a particular part of your city, lake front property area or are being transferred in to your local marketplace.

No one has better market research or statistics than you.  Share it!

Checklist Posts

This is an easy one for Agent’s and it should be related to your other blog posts so that your blog works like a funnel on to your prospect list.  One post relates to other posts and each post can have different check lists, cheat sheets or reports that complement the other.

“Moving Company Checklist – Avoid A Disaster”

“Selecting a Home Builder Checklist – A Due Diligence Guide”

“Real Estate Agent Interview Checklist – What They Won’t Tell You”

“Divorce Lawyer Checklist – Make Sure Your Property Rights Are Protected”

Inspirational Posts

As human beings we all have to overcome adversity and that means you or an agent in your office have helped a client overcome such events in their life.  There is nothing better than a real inspirational post that encourages a reader that’s dealing with divorce, moving in to a new town, deciding to move up for the first time and of course, the first time home buyer experience.  These lists are endless….be real!

Did this post help you?  If so, we want to hear about it from you.  Tell us what other forms of help you need in developing relevant content for your blog while on our next webinar.  You can register for that here.

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Top Real Estate Agents List Of Blog Post Ideas
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